9 Legal Tips for Family Caregivers

July 2, 2024 — Being a family caregiver is a noble and challenging role, often filled with love, dedication, and, unfortunately, legal complexities. People considering becoming a caregiver should know the legal implications.  Here are 10 essential tips to help you avoid potential legal problems and understand when to seek professional assistance. Understand the healthcare power of attorney (POA)... Read More

To Post or Not to Post: Ethical Considerations for Family Caregivers

June 3, 2024 — Researchers from the University of Southern California coined the term “carefluencers” to describe a new generation of family caregivers who are using social media to share the day-to-day realities of caring for an older loved one. Social media can be an excellent venue for caregivers to connect, empathize with each other, and share caregiving tips.... Read More

Talking to Kids About Dementia

April 15, 2024 — When a loved one receives a diagnosis of dementia, it can be a welcome answer to years of questions. But it’s also the start of a new journey for families with lots of unknown variables. It’s a hard thing for adults to navigate—but what about kids? Maybe your teenager has noticed grandma’s symptoms, but how... Read More

Dementia Caregiving? There’s an App for That!

January 16, 2024 — Taking care of someone with dementia is a big job. Depending on the stage of dementia and a loved one’s abilities, dementia caregiving can involve a wide-ranging set of challenges for both the person with dementia and the caregiver. Thankfully, technology is catching up to the unique needs of people with dementia and their caregivers.... Read More

Adaptive Devices Ease Arthritis Symptoms

January 2, 2024 — As many as one in five adults in the United States have a diagnosed form of arthritis, a type of inflammation that causes joint pain. Arthritis can make everyday tasks challenging because it causes pain and stiffness in the joints. However, there are many tools designed to help people with arthritis to do everyday things... Read More

Non-Gift Ideas for Older Adults

December 15, 2023 — If you’ve ever asked your loved ones what gifts they’d like, you’ve probably heard something along the lines of, “You don’t need to get me anything at all.” This can make the gift-giving process a little more challenging, especially if you’re trying to find the perfect gift for the older adults in your life. They... Read More

Managing Caregiver Guilt

November 15, 2023 — Caring for a loved one can be immensely rewarding, but it can also bring about feelings of guilt, especially when caregivers believe they are falling short of their own expectations or those of others. Coping with caregiver guilt is important for both the caregiver’s well-being and the quality of care they provide. Here are some... Read More