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Independent Elder Care Managers

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Contested Guardianship


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Elder Law Needs Geriatric Care Management

Peace Aging Care Experts works with a broad range of professionals who support the long-term care needs of older adults, the developmentally disabled, and individuals who suffer from mental illnesses. Together, we can ensure that your clients achieve the best possible outcome.

We support attorneys with:

  • Certified Life Care Plans that provide concrete, specific medical and cost-projection data to help you determine damages in personal injury cases.
  • Care management assessments, including a Certified Nursing Evaluation and Customized Care Plan to assist in complex cases.
  • Assessments of clients and development of a specific, comprehensive plan of care designed to navigate your client out of crisis.
  • Consultations, reports, and testimony for court.
  • Ongoing care management services and assistance.
  • Frequent communication which keeps you fully updated on the status and needs of your client (or ward).

We support accountants and trustees with:

  • Care management consultations to make sure your clients are receiving the appropriate level of care.
  • Updates, formal reports, and Customized Care Plans to support your client’s care needs.
  • Ongoing care management of your clients, including attending and scheduling doctor appointments, advocating in the medical community (doctors, hospitals, etc.), and coordinating in-home care and other community services.


We support healthcare professionals:

  • Managing your patients’ important medical needs by making sure clients see their doctors on a regular basis, and specialists when necessary.
  • Maintaining medical records with copies of diagnostic testing, specialist reports, and other documents that are important to a patient’s care.
  • Managing your patients’ daily medication regimen, including refills, so you are confident your patients are taking their prescribed medications exactly as you have ordered them.
  • Regularly monitoring your patients and reporting to you accurate medical information which enables you to provide a higher level of care to your patients.

We are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.