Developmental Disability

Coordinated care for your loved one, now and in the future.

Are you supporting the needs of a developmentally disabled loved one?  Family caregivers balance the constraints of their daily lives while working within the confines of the Medicaid system to try to find the best providers and access to programs that their loved ones need.  And, what happens to an individual with special needs once he or she is grown and the family caregiver is no longer able to provide needed care?  Start planning for your loved one’s future now to reduce the impact of future transitions…in primary care, living arrangements, and relationships.

A care manager can help ensure that your loved one’s needs are met by:

  • Developing a relationship before a crisis, establishing a level of trust so that changes, such as the loss of a primary caregiver, are less traumatic
  • Enhancing the individual’s quality of life through access to basic needs such as a nice place to live, clothing, and stimulating activities
  • Acting as an advocate so that the individual receives the best level of care based on available resources, utilizing a Supplemental Needs Trust or funds for an enhanced quality of care through specialists and special programs, and retaining the use of government benefits for other services
  • Providing access to support, 24-hours a day, and 7 days a week

Care management services can help you ensure that your loved one is not only receiving the highest level of care now, but continues to receive that level of care throughout his or her lifetime.  Our relationship begins with a Certified Nursing Evaluation, an in-depth review of all facets of your loved one’s overall state of well-being, including his or her health, cognition and functional capabilities. We then developed a Customized Care Plan that includes specific, step-by-step recommendations to assist you.