Mental Illness

We can help you with the challenges of mental illness – day-to-day, and in a crisis.

At Peace Aging Care Experts, we can provide support for a range of mental health needs, from severe anxiety disorders to schizophrenia and depression.  In a mental health crisis, when an individual may be a danger to him- or herself or others, we offer emergency support to help you manage the situation.   Our ongoing care can help ensure that the individual enjoys the highest quality of life and stability possible.

Our care management team provides valuable support, including:

  • Developing a safe discharge plan to support the transition from a hospital or care facility to the community
  • Acting as an advocate for the individual’s healthcare, coordinating and assisting with medical appointments, acting as a liaison and spokesperson with healthcare providers, and ensuring access to available benefits so that the individual receives the best level of care based on available resources
  • Providing ongoing supervision, management of medications, assistance with general caregiving needs and ensuring that the individual is receiving the appropriate level of care
  • Keeping the family up-to-date and involved at a level that meets the needs of their lives
  • Providing access to support, 24-hours a day, and 7 days a week

The services of a care manager will enable your family to rest easier, knowing that you have the support of a professionally trained team.