Whether you are in the same town as your loved one or half way across the world, Peace Aging Care Experts can help.

“My brother and I are grateful for the counsel, guidance, and compassion you provided us in conjunction with the guardianship proceedings. My dad’s final six months retained his dignity and restored our relationship. ”

Lauren G.

“Your support for our mother has helped her get through some very difficult times. The  visits from you and Lori and Trish have helped her immensely and the kindness and patience from all of you has been invaluable. We are extremely grateful.”

Glenn J., Westchester, CT
Mother lives in Morristown

“Thank you so much for your wonderful visit and for this thorough, realistic, and information-packed assessment report. We all appreciate it and have learned a lot from you. We are fortunate to have found in you someone whose mission is to love and care for elderly people like our mother in an informed and patient manner.”

Margaret S., Evanston, IL
Parents live in Fanwood, NJ

“Trish, thank you so much for the expert and compassionate care you gave our mother this past year, and also the expert guidance and care you gave to us, her four children. Wow, we marvel at how we would have ever managed without your help. We live all around the country and it meant so much to us to have you nearby, ready to tend to Mom’s needs as they came up, communicating with us steadily as her needs changed, explaining to us the medical systems and good options for Mom. You became a valued friend to Mom, always showing care and kindness. In her last week before passing, you helped us so much with how to proceed with necessary decisions, and we are so happy to have the good memory of Mom’s final day at the wonderful Hospice facility you referred us to. I do elder care work myself, so I know just some of the challenges a GCM can face. In my experience, Trish, you are a treasure in this field! You have managed to keep your heart open and your loving self, all the while maintaining your outstanding skilled professionalism. Thank you so much and we wish you all the best in your important work!”

Marion W., Hudson, MA
Mother lived in Morristown, NJ

“Trish, Thank you so much for everything you did for my Dad. I was always at ease knowing you were all on-call 24/7. I miss him very much.”

Ray K., Princeton, NJ
Father lived in New Providence, NJ

“Thanks for your support over the past few months. It was a huge help and comfort for me in a tough time.”

Debbie M., Chicago, IL
Parents in Livingston, NJ

“Trish, Thank you so much for your understanding and support during this trying time. It is so comforting to know I can count on you to look after Nancy’s care.”

Barbara J., Hershey, PA
Sister lives in Bridgewater, NJ

“Trish, I want to thank you for all of your help and guidance. I was a babe in the woods.”

Frank A., Franklinville, NJ
Mother lives in Fanwood, NJ

“Many thanks for all your team’s hard work. You provided us a fantastic service on many levels that that made the impossible possible. Everyone was kind and caring and did wonderful work, from Judee in the hospital with my brother and her kind and knowing advice, Valerie in the sorting of papers and photos, and Suzanne doing yeoman’s service at the apartment and storage facilities with all that stuff – not to mention you in all of these matters – we never would have made it through the last 9 months without all your help. Thank you, thank you so much!”

Elizabeth K., Hollywood, CA
Brother lived in Metuchen, NJ

“Trish you are amazing. Your report was objective, factual, concise. I really can’t thank you enough for your time. We look forward to bringing our grandmother home and continuing care with you. You are my go-to person moving forward and your service truly is valuable for my grandmother’s health. Much appreciated.”

Jenna V., Lincoln Park, NJ
Grandmother lives in Clifton, NJ

“Thank you also for the service you provided my family. Your knowledge and professionalism was invaluable.”

Christine F., Denville, NJ
Mother lived in Rockaway, NJ

“I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated all of the care and support that you and Judee gave Mom and to my sister and me. It was really great and I don’t know how we would have managed without you both. Thank you so much!”

Rob H., Boulder, CO
Mom lived in Morris Plains, NY

“The steady, kind, innovative advice and care of Trish and Rhea brought skill and care to my aging parents – and me – during their most trying years. And when my 88-year-old father lay in a hospital bed with aspiration pneumonia, the last blow dealt by Lewy Body Dementia, Rhea was either at the bedside or a text message away offering options and ideas in the moment. She helped us bring about and navigate the best possible death. She also was a wonderful help to my mother, my father’s caregiver. Now Rhea helps my mother navigate her own more routine, but still vital, medical issues. Who else? This is a company that more than lives up to the promise of its name.”

Lorraine A., Allendale, NJ
Mom lives in Saddle Brook, NJ

“Your company is just what long distance family need to help manage an aging family member. Mom really enjoyed the care of both you and Judee.”

Joan M., Syracuse, NY
Mom lived in Morris Plains, NJ

“Thank you for your professional, considerate assistance in our difficult time. Your expertise and guidance made the process less confusing. Your service is an asset to all families confronted with the reality of coordinating care for the elderly.”

Jill R., daughter, Clifton, NJ
Care provided for mother in Clifton, NJ

“You have been a lifesaver for me and my family. I am glad I got to meet you when I came to New Jersey so I could put a face to all of the emails.”

Janice M, niece, Palm Harbor, FL
Care provided for aunt in Morristown, NJ

“You certainly have made a welcomed positive inroad with mom’s meds. I visited my parents yesterday and they both were doing very well. All of us benefit from the way you are able to help mom with her medications. Dad has less stress and the rest of us feel more confident that mom will have more good days. Thank you, Trish, for providing us peace of mind, knowing you are vital part of my parents’ health support team!”

Peg F, daughter, Mountain Lakes, NJ
Parents in Wharton, NJ

“Thank you so much for all your help and guidance during this challenging time. When I think of what we would have had to do if we were ‘on our own’ with such short notice, it’s scary! My father, sister, brother and I really appreciate all that you’ve done.”

Vincent W, son, Hamilton Square, NJ
Care provided for father in Edison, NJ

“Everyone has been most impressed with your report – family members, my social work colleague who runs the older adult services dept, and my friend who is an internist who specializes in geriatrics. My in-laws enjoyed meeting you and noted how good you are with our aunt.”

Robin L, niece, Ann Arbor, MI
Care provided for aunt in Hackettstown, NJ

“I would like to thank you for taking all the time-consuming work out of finding an excellent [assisted living] facility for my aunt. I was at ‘peace’ in knowing that someone so capable was taking care of all the details that I didn’t want to deal with at such an emotional time. You were very efficient, personable and knowledgeable. Thank you from our whole family, and from my aunt who is very happy in her new home.”

Genevieve S, niece, Roxbury, NJ
Aunt in Succasunna, NJ

“Thank you for going beyond the call of duty. It is amazing the role psychology plays in elder care. I love to see the way you circumvent issues but manage to get to the heart of the issue. We all thank you for your professionalism, attentiveness, concern, etc. for Mom. We really could not have gotten as far as we have without you.”

Kathy P, daughter, East Orleans, MA
Care provide for mom in Newton, NJ

“Trish, thanks for your immediate response. I am so grateful we have you as mom’s care manager – it means so much to me to know that you are there, on the spot, checking and doing, etc.”

Rachael F, daughter, Israel
Care provided for mom in Summit, NJ

“I am eternally grateful for your help. It is a comfort to me to know that you and your associates are there as a source of help and guidance.”

Jim M, nephew, Newport News, VA
Aunt in New Vernon, NJ

“Thank you, Trish! Dad is doing well at assisted living and I am extremely relieved! Your counsel and calming made this successful outcome possible.”

Lauren G., New York, NY
Father lives in Roseland, NJ

“Thank you all so much. I can’t begin to explain how much Lisa and all of you have meant us with your kindness and genuine compassion throughout. It was one of the best decisions we made.”

Erin N., New York, New York
Mother lived in West Caldwell, N