Trish Colucci Barbosa, RN-BC, CCM, LNCP-C

Trish Colucci Barbosa, RN-BC, CCM, LNCP-CPresident, Founder

NJ State Registered Professional Nurse
Certified Aging Life Care Professional
Certified Case Manager (CCM)
Certified Gerontological Nurse (BC)
Lifetime Nurse Care Planner – Certified (LNCP-C)
Board of Directors of Aging Life Care Association (ALCA)
Past President of the NJ Chapter of ALCA

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I’ve always had an interest in blending the science of healthcare with the rewards of  caregiving, so nursing was a natural choice for me. I was lucky enough to work in many areas of nursing throughout my career, including hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices, and home care.

For many years, I worked as an insurance case manager for individuals with catastrophic injuries and life-threatening illnesses. I helped coordinate their medical care and made sure they received the best treatments available. Later, when my son was born with special needs and required complex medical care, I used my finely-tuned case management skills to successfully manage his care. Before long, other families started to come to me for help with their loved ones. It was then that I realized that my nursing skills combined with my case management expertise filled a special need in people’s lives, so I decided to bring those services to the public with my own care management agency.

My favorite part of being a care manager is working directly with elderly and disabled clients.  Each person has an interesting story and unique needs. I love finding my place in each client’s life, identifying their needs and using my skills and compassion to create a care plan to make things better.

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