Maryanne Burdi, RN, BS

Maryanne Burdi, RN, BSNJ State Registered Professional Nurse
Geriatric Care Manager

After graduating from college, I started my career in business working as a bank officer in New York City.  I enjoyed banking, but the hours were long and after my first child was born, I wanted to have more time at home raising my family.

At the same time, my mother became very ill.  I was touched by the caring, compassionate and knowledgeable nurses who cared for my mom during her struggle with cancer.  I also remember how the nurses involved our family and helped to alleviate our fears.  This experience drew me in, and I felt called to become a nurse myself.  I wanted to be able to provide this same caring and support to other families.After I became a Registered Nurse, I found that the long-term care environment was my special niche.  In a nursing home, I had the opportunity to develop relationships with the residents and their families and work with the team to develop individualized care plans for each resident.  Being in a position to improve the lives of others was extremely satisfying.

For the 17 years prior to my joining the Peace Aging Care Experts team, I served as the Director of Nursing at a large, five-star nursing home.  I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to help create a care environment that made a positive impact on so many people in their time of need.

Being a part of the “PeACE Team” allows me to continue to use my skills, nursing experience, and compassion in my role as a geriatric care manager.  I enjoy being part of a company with a philosophy that embraces advocacy for seniors and others with disabilities.

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