Kim Topping

Administrative Assistant

I have always wanted to help people.  This is why I originally pursued my degree in Psychology.

As an adult, I was an integral part of my elderly parents’ care when they both became ill several years back.  My brother and I were their caregivers, beginning at home, and continuing even after they both moved into an assisted living facility.  My brother and I not only provided ongoing, loving support to our parents, we also worked hard to ensure that they received the very best care.

My family caregiver experience helped me to truly understand the care, empathy, and compassion necessary to care for the elderly and strengthened my inner desire to help others.  Aside from the care aspect, I also love listening to the stories and experiences from prior generations!

I am very thankful to be on a team where everything we do positively impacts our clients.  Everyone on our team truly cares about doing their very best to assure excellent care and compassionate support for our clients and for their families.  It makes me so happy to be part of that team every day!

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