Detailed Plan Ensures a Fair Settlement


Josie was a seventeen year old girl with a promising future when she was the victim of a terrible car accident.  Her injuries were life-threatening, but she managed to pull through and survive…though she was left with many physical and cognitive residuals from her injury.  She was going to need supportive care for the rest of her life.

Josie’s parents went the legal route with the help of attorneys to pursue a settlement that would cover the cost of the care Josie would need for the rest of her life.  Her attorneys turned to us for assistance in creating a Life Care Plan that would specifically itemize the anticipated care Josie would need throughout her lifetime, as well as the expected cost of that care.

We met with Josie and her parents, assessed Josie’s current status and needs, then obtained information from her treating physicians regarding the future care she would need, including specialist visits, equipment and supplies, personal care, and also complications that would also likely occur from time to time.

After a thorough evaluation of the medical and financial information, our nurse care managers created a comprehensive report itemizing all of Josie’s needs, current and anticipated, including specific information on the cost of that care.  Josie’s attorneys used this Life Care Plan in their fight for fair compensation for Josie, and she was awarded a large, appropriate financial settlement.

Josie’s family and attorneys were grateful to the nurse care managers for their detailed Life Care Plan.  Without this evidence, it would have been more difficult to prove the need for the sum they sought.  Everyone was pleased that Josie will have the funds to ensure that she receives excellent care for the rest of her life.