Suzanne Wheatley, RN


Suzanne Wheatley, RNGeriatric Care Manager

NJ State Registered Professional Nurse
Aging Life Care Professional™

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Throughout my life, I’ve felt the calling to be a nurse.  I felt more alive – every cell was on a heightened level – whenever I walked into a hospital. Helping people who are facing medical crises was something I always wanted to do.

While I was in nursing school, my dad became very ill. I learned firsthand how challenging it can be to balance the needs of my husband and children, the demands of nursing school, and the complicated daily management of my dad’s medical care. When my clients share their stories about feeling overwhelmed with responsibility, I can completely relate.

It surprises people to hear that nursing was not my first career. I worked in the corporate world for some time before deciding to pursue my dream to become a nurse. I love that I can combine my corporate management skills with the nursing skills I learned while working in the hospital to ease the burden on the clients and families I work with as a geriatric care manager.

The greatest rewards I receive as a geriatric care manager are the times when I receive that thank you or smile of relief from a family I have helped. It makes me feel good to know I’ve made someone’s life easier, happier, less worrisome or less painful.

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