Nancy Arluna, CDP

Nancy Arluna, CDPRecreation Therapist

Certified Dementia Practitioner

From the time I was a small child I learned from my family’s example the importance of offering love, caring and respect for others.

As I approached my senior year in high school, my guidance counselor suggested I investigate Art Therapy as a career, and I attended Trenton State College (now The College of New Jersey), where I was privileged to complete internships in geriatrics and mental health.

When my three children had entered kindergarten, I set out on what has become a very enriching and blessed career caring for not only seniors, but also those affected by mental illness.

As I entered my 50’s, while working as a recreation director in long term care, my father passed and it became apparent that my mother needed to come and live with me and my husband. I shared ten wonderful years caring for my mother as well as other parents and families, in my role of Director of Adult Day Care Services for a community-based center. My mother came to work with me every day and those years with her were so precious. Being a caregiver – both professionally and to a family member – enriched my knowledge and understanding of what this vocation truly involves. My life and career were enriched by this experience, and I knew I was truly blessed with the path that my life had taken.

I retired from the Adult Day Center after 18 years, but I knew that I could not just stay home. Blessed once again, I found Peace Aging Care Experts and the SPICE Therapeutic Recreation Program. I am thrilled with this opportunity to further develop my own recreation therapy abilities while engaging once again in meaningful service to others. I am thrilled to engage in meaningful service to others as a proud part of this team!