Mary Coney

Mary ConeyOffice Manager

Back in Middle School, Friday nights were for me and my 80-year-old grandmother.

I was happy to be invited to hang out with friends any other night of the week, but Friday nights were special.  My grandmother lived across the street from my family and she was very independent.  On our nights together, I would grab some soda and chips and head over to her apartment, where we would watch the latest episode of Dallas on TV. She would yell at the character J.R. Ewing, the ruthless, manipulative, and powerful oil tycoon. During the commercials we talked about school, and she gave me advice if I needed it, or she would tell me stories about her past, including her life as a child in Scotland.

Years later, when my beloved grandmother became ill and was in and out of hospitals, I remember thinking that the nurses and her care team were some of the kindest, most compassionate people I had ever met. Not only did they help my grandmother, they made my family feel at ease, too.

This kind of compassion and reassurance is what I love about the services provided here at Peace Aging Care Experts.  I am so happy to be part of this dedicated professional and caring team!